Those who are coming by your work or sightseeing in Thailand from Japan, "BEARHUG MOMIYA" in order to provide a "Japanese-style Chiropractic Foot Therapy" that waiting really was decided renewal. Soon it will take the tired. Soon it will be well upset.

By feelings of "contact with a love for all the people" to the axis, in each and every of our customers, we will continue to cherish the fact that you go put forth 100% of the power. And satisfy our many customers, "make love full of people, creating shops in Bangkok one" We promise that we will continue to the.

Japanese-style Chiropractic Foot Therapy
Japanese Style
Body Adjustment Massage

Shoulder, back, is a Japanese-style massage loosen the stiffness in the "finger pressure" around the waist. The Shiatsu method, thumb in Chiropractic, by pressing a certain part of the body surface using the palm, etc., to correct the modulation of biological, balance the maintenance and improvement of health, or are contributing treatment to a specific disease healing. Improved treatment method Japan of the treatment method as possible in Thai masseuse will become a Shiatsu massage performed in "BEARHUG MOMIYA".
60min / 600THB
90min / 900THB
120min / 1200THB
Japanese Style Massage

It is recommended the fatigue of the shoulder and back and hips for those who want to heal and you want one and relax . Body Therapy is to care and massaging the muscles hardened . Promotes the circulation of blood and lymph , you can refresh .
60min / 400THB
90min / 600THB
120min / 800THB
Foot Massage

Foot massage has been noted as one of the health law from the old days. The foot has a pot of whole body, you can expect the effect of such take tired or improves blood circulation by stimulating foot massage. The soles of the feet have gathered a variety of pot of the body, the soles of the feet is also known as the "second heart", "atlas of the body."
60min / 400THB
90min / 600THB
120min / 800THB
Aroma Oil Massage

Oil massage is the flow of the lymph is activated, flush out smoothly the waste accumulated in the body health, is a beauty massage. Lymph is poor circulation, poor circulation, has played an important role in the improvement of the immune function, but our lymph has become difficult very flow in day-to-day life process. It's that trying to make body healthy by improving the circulation of lymph fluid that is unlikely to flow is the purpose of oil massage.
60min / 1000THB
90min / 1350THB
120min / 1800THB
Traditional Thai massage

For Thai massage (Thai massage) is that half of the so-called "pot" Kung's stretching and massaging the flow of yoga is called a line in the main massage in the foot, I do treatment around the foot. You are also referred to as "yoga do with two people", a long time ago it had been monks is made by a pair of temples. Relaxes sufficiently muscle in spacious Shiatsu while feeding the mind, by performing the stretch to finish, it loose very comfortably the entire body.
By stimulating the autonomic nerves, organs immune hormones and metabolism are activated. In addition, relaxation effect is excellent, I think whether this is regarded as best feature of Thai. The mind and body is allowed to relax and let up the natural healing power.
60min / 400THB
90min / 600THB
120min / 800THB
Foot Scrub

To remove outdated horny, and prepares to back smooth legs. By removing the dead skin cells, also increase the effect of reflexology. Moreover, by removing the stratum corneum, it is also effective in the prevention of athlete's foot. Even I have confidence to wear sandals and mules needed to Thai life.
30min / 300THB
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